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Thread: MY...GOD...Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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    MY...GOD...Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    Until tonight, I knew of about 2-3 songs by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. After hours of going through the discography, listening on youtube...I SHIT MYSELF and encourage anyone who hasn't heard them to listen. Check out The VS. EP! You shall not be dissapointed. That is all!

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    Macklemore reppin that norwess shit

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    One of my friends played a Macklemore song for me last week because I had told him I hadn't heard any of his music because I thought he was another of those backpack college rappers but he's actually fucking dope if his music is all like the song I heard.

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    Four sure! Never fa show! NW!4 evergreen state!
    Love the Irish celebration video! Can't believe I'm just now Hearing this guy!

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