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Thread: Street Light Disses The Jokerr

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    Street Light Disses The Jokerr

    ohh and he means everything.

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    LYRICS: Wordplay. I'm a FAN with- the way I flow like the wind from my hand's pen. I can't call you a has-been for something that you never had. SLIM chances, But I DARE YOU TO WRITE BACK LIKE STAN DID. . .

    I dare you to fight back like Cassius. After I lay this bad actress on the canvas. You lack practice, other than fast rapping, you're outed in every facet. That's why you use acting.

    But let me diss you properly, this is one gets no apologies. Lolligagging rapping about how modest you should try to be? Never. My motto's "honesty". Clever enough to body anybody who try me, while I be performing lobotomies.

    I wanted to piss you off, so I'm rapping over a Hopsin beat. Honestly, I could probably mollywhop you subconsciously. Listening to your music, I can tell you had a lot to drink. I seen a lot of clowns, but you gotta be in my bottom 3.

    You only got two flows, that's why you try to sing. My flows only got 2 goals just like hockey rinks.
    None of ya threats apply to me, but keep believing hype. Right before the Light hits you with a HOOK, LINE, and SINK. [look it up]

    And I can shut him down. But you could never shut him up. He wears face paint for Pete's sake. Nothing's tough enough. We even tried duct tape, Mike Tyson did uppercuts, I guess the only way he'll be silent is if his tongue gets stuck.

    As far as rapping, he claiming he got the best lines, I listened to his album, I use it mainly for bedtime. Crazy cuz I was just lying. Vomited once I got it. Just stop it. What's up with this unhealthy obsession with Tech N9NE?

    I could understand if it was Batman or Robin, but Hopsin? Really? Let me suggest some other options. We both know he's a problem for you. And then on top of it, a swarm of funk volume fans will form a mosh pit.

    Then you'll be getting stomped and yelling at them to stop it. Using your arm to block them, hoping I let the cops in. But then I saw your contest entry, and when I watched it, I noticed there was something very familiar about it.

    Be original. Stealing ideas? Pitiful. Your video only matches my entry in appearance, though. Cuz at the end of yours, I was like "that's it?" So heavy on your adlibs, nobody even hears you, Joe.

    There once was a boy named Jokerr. And he liked to play tricks. Until one day he got older. And he went up against. Street Light who was closer to becoming the Prince. Or better yet, it was King that he was trying to get.

    Maybe it was the madness. Or perhaps a trap. Or could it be that the wackness that we heard when he rapped. He crossed blades with Street. Of course, he was no match. That was the end of the jester, and he never came back.

    That's why you catch hate. Jest with the best. Beat my chest while I beat you in chess, this a check mate. Get the record set straight. cuz I'm KING. And I'll EJECT the JOKERR from my DECK like CASSETTE TAPES.

    I REWIND this Jack in the box more turns than his RECORDs PLAY on the block which is torture. Never STOP. Keep ya PAUSE [paws] off my awards, or I'll summarize the rest of your career up in four words [FORWARDS]

    Street. Light. Finished. Him. Pound for pound; viciously killing him now with idioms. How? Is he coming back from this many sentences? WOW! I guess he isn't, that's why we're putting him into the ground.. Listen.

    More talent in my position. No balance with my conditions. 4 fragments within my mind that all rhyme which you tried to mimic. I'm redefining the difference between the lions and pigeons. Picture this. My ambition rivals your confidence in mission.

    You're a juggalo rapper and under your hat is another reason to laugh cuz you look like Lion-O that got mad from being rejected by Tech's fans and that's sad cuz we need more underground rappers hiding behind masks.

    And you say you're rap's pinnacle. Is That literal? Wack minimal skill in rap, Jack. And I attach syllables back to back and it's that principle plus the fact that I'm lyrical cancels out the potential of your continual crap.

    Plus I just turned 20. A rap veteran. You gotta be pushing 30 talking about you better than WHO? Learn from me, I know it's prolly embarrassin, you'll say I'm not worthy, but stop it. I'm only sharing.

    Everything aint what it seem to be. I see through all ya scenery. Believe it when I scream that you aint got a single thing on me. I told you I'm the King to be. Soon to be the beast to beat. Accept defeat if you ever exchange 16's with Street.

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    Street Light is dope but nothing special

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