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Thread: lost a tech n9ne song i dont remember the title but i remember a bit of it.......

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    lost a tech n9ne song i dont remember the title but i remember a bit of it.......

    it was one of tech n9nes fater raps it was a minute long from my homie said and it had the lyrics motha fucka in it i know its not "be jealous" nor is it "hey motha fuckas" and i was wondering if anyone knew what it could possibly be

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    from what my homie said*

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    i cant even read what the hell you wrote... from what i read the only lyric you remember from the song is "motha fucka"..

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    I think its Yukmouth ft. Tech N9ne- Somebody Gone 2 Nite... haha Techs whole verse hes saying Mothafucka. i dont really remember it being one of his faster ones but maybe.

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    @TK he says mothafucka a lot in that one! lol Good look! that must be it. ^

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    the song is stress relief... AAAAHHHH shit motha fucka i'mma kick yo fuckin ass.... this is stress relief

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    like 98% songs from tech he says motherfucker in it.

    but im still confused as in what the OP means.

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    TK thanx that was it the one with yukmouth and sorry and shit for the wording i was drunk and high when i wrote this discussion 3 olives vodka and 3 joints aint a combo when your tryin to find shit out hahaha

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