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Thread: Uk rappers!

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    Uk rappers!

    Just wondering what Americans think of our 'rappers' the closest thing we got is Tinie Tempah,

    And maybe some grime artists like skepta, what's American opinion on these.

    Personally I think America owns the rap game at the moment!!

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    Lowkey. Klashnekoff, Logic. dope as fuck

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    This. Hyperaptive, Krept & Konan, Sam Khan are pretty dope artists too!

    Quote Originally Posted by a tie a

    Lowkey. Klashnekoff, Logic. dope as fuck

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    SWAY!!!!!! UK's answer to Tech!!!! If it wasn't for his accent he would be multi-plat, fuck the music industry sucks...pure talent!

    wanted him to be on worldwide chopper's, fuckin kills it with multie's and word play

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    UK rappers > Aus rappers.

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    I agree with bloodstepp. Sway! Love his and I think the accent adds to the uniqueness of it. Of coarse his accent isn't significant to the British listeners. I'm American. I like how it sounds.

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    you quite blatently havent heard tinies first album have you then lol
    Quote Originally Posted by The Crazy Englishman!

    The fuck. Tinie Tempah? You can't start a thread about UK rappers and only mention him. Might as well have said dappy. GTFO lol

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