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Thread: All 6's & 7's Or Welcome To Strangeland? Hostile Takeover Tour 2012 Discussion.

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    All 6's & 7's Or Welcome To Strangeland? Hostile Takeover Tour 2012 Discussion.

    What do you think was the best album Tech N9ne put out in 2011.

    ALL 6's & 7's And/Or "WELCOME TO STRANGELAND"???

    From The Hardcore Fan's Perspective, Which Do You Think Was Better? What Did You Look Forward To, The Lighter Side Of Tech's Music, Or The Darker? The Features?

    What are your thoughts on the HOSTILE TAKEOVER TOUR 2012 Being The Only Domestic U.S. Tour This Year?

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    I loved both albums for different reasons but I can play WTS all the way thru w/o skipping a track and A6s&7s thats not the case. WTS was more cohesive as an album but again loved both of em lol...Im not gonna sit here and say I like Tech's dark side more than light or vice versa, I just like good music, but some of my favs from both albums was WWC, Boogieman, If I Could, Who Do I Catch, Retrogression, Sad Circus, Unfair, Overwhelming to name a few. I liked all of the "mainstream features" he had except Wayne, but all the other ones are dope!!

    Sucks that this is the only domestic tour but I'm definitely going to be at House of Blues San Diego on April 15

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    I believe they already had this discussion. But I'm glad it's been brought back up now that the hypes off Strangeland and more on the new stuff comin out. Welcome to Strangeland was a great album. The production was beautiful and almost made 6's n 7's sound a little dated. The intro and title track were super dope. But as far as the tracks like EMJ and Overwhelming which is beautiful music it's just not my forte.
    All 6's n 7's was like the album that finally gave Tech the recognition he deserves. WWC is the most epic track ever. The justice league came thru in a major way. I loved the original Strangeland track. I'd wake up to it like everyday. Boogieman was the fuckin shit..I really liked the demonic tone thruout the track. Liz Sawandi really sounded great on the hooks and was a nice change from the constant Kaliko. The album seemed to split in to 3pieces..The commercial than the tracks the tracks for underground heads the the rock tracks. And they all seemed to groove into eachother perfectly. I like how he was also to able to feature producers as well as the most noted rappers on the industry. That WillPower beat was super cold. Than you the the bonus download tracks..I mean the album seemed to go on 4ever with dope track after dope track. IMO it's probably his most polished to date. So my vote goes 6's n 7's

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    Looking back, A6A7 seemed to have more replay value to me, maybe it's cuz there were more tracks idk. But I find myself still going back to a lot of tracks off that album 'n only a handful from WTS, which is odd becuz at first I liked WTS more than I like A6A7. The production to me is a lot better on A6A7 for the most part. It's interesting looking back 3 months later on WTS 'n actually realizing I'll probably only remember that album as "probably my favorite collabos CD" but as time passes I find myself sitting through the entire album less 'n less. I doubt it's cuz I overplayed it, if anything I underplayed it. Maybe it's cuz the Am I A Psycho vid just came out 'n it got me interested in A6A7 again (successful promotion imo). Regardless, I still like WTS a lot, it's got a lot of great tracks 'n several good ones but idk. I lost interest after 1.5-2 months or so, although it was more cohesive I kinda prefer when Tech touches on everything. With A6A7 I felt like every song touched a new subject or brought a new perspective to the album (with the exception of a few tracks). If some of the skits 'n weaker tracks were taken away, I'd probably like it even more. I guess WTS just got overshadowed imo, it didn't feel as epic as A6A7, mainly cuz it wasn't 'n wasn't meant to be. A6A7 was THAT album for Tech, that's what it was supposed to be, it's w/e though.

    As far as whether I prefer his darker or lighter side, I think a better way for me to answer that is I prefer his emotional side. Anything with real emotion or a message or something I can relate to I like more. But I don't necessarily anticipate any kind of music from him. I just wait to see how his next project compares to his previous work, so like MasterMind said, I just like good music lol.

    'N for the Hostile Takeover 2012 tour being the only domestic tour I'm not too upset, if Tech takes the time out later in the year to hit up other places in the world I'm fine with that. Some people get to see Tech like 3-4 times a year, other people in other countries maybe only get to see them once every couple years 'n some not at all.

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    As an album WTS flows way better for me. All 6's & 7's had too many breaks of either skits or talking but it just ruined the pacing for me. However I still go back and listen to most of the songs on that album.

    Tech only doing one domestic tour doesn't bother me, he's gonna be near me for like 4 dates so I'll probably go to 2 anyway this year. (like I would if he did a spring and fall tour). Only 1 VIP though haha

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    like Mastermind they are both great albums but i think WTSL just has way for playability, its a cover to cover album but All 6's & 7's wasnt imop. And i believe the reason why 6's & 7's wasnt as playable is because it almost seemed like the same album as KOD there were songs on there that were like replica's of songs on KOD

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    Personally with the addition of ¬°MAYDAY!'s production and appearances I prefer Welcome To Strangeland. All 6's And 7's seemed to be an astonishingly groundbreaking album for Tech N9ne, however, so taking that into consideration it makes the decision much tougher. If ¬°MAYDAY! had been incorporated within All 6's And 7's, especially Wrekonize, in some fashion it would have by far been the superior album. That's the biggest factor for me so I'll have to stick with Welcome To Strangeland.

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    i liked both however i like more songs from WTSL.

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    I thought overll both albums were good. I thought it still shows Tech as a ever changing artist by beat and lyrics.

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    its hard for me to choose, because I think this is the best way to state the debate: WTSL has more songs i like, but A67 has more songs i LOVE. that's what makes them even to me. yes there are songs on A67 I skip, but the best songs on it are better IMO than my favorite songs on WTSL. As far the the Hostile Takeover Tour, I was apart of it, Santa Cruz show, and that was the best day of my life. I can deal with that being my only show for the year. The line up was dope, and everyone's stage show was excellent. I'm glad that was the record setting tour.

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