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Thread: Tech N9ne UK Tour - Petition

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    Tech N9ne UK Tour - Petition

    I'm sorry, I know people are probably sick of us British asking for Tech n9ne to come here, but please hear me out.It is killing me whenever I see V.I.P tickets for different shows at the strangemusic store, and I personally know alot of people who would definitely get tickets, and I'm damn sure there's a tonne more round this country.To the point, Tech n9ne listens to his fans, and respects them. If we could set up a petition, it may take a while but at some point it will be noticed by strange music, even if it's a year or two away at least we would be making a start.So what do you think? Does it sound possible, or am I just an idiot for suggesting it?

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    This has been done several times on here and Tech has not really spoken much on the subject in interviews/web cam chats etc.The sad reality is that there are hardly any Techn9cians in the UK. It's amazing how other indie rappers, like Jedi Mind Tricks, Saigon (they're dope rappers, don't get me wrong) are known here but Tech isn't.

    What we need is help from the Local Techn9cians, i.e. the Americans, to get this issue hyped up enough so that Tech will finally recognise it. Obviously, we need more Brits on this site to speak up here too lol.

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    Sometimes I think the Brits some better shit than even Canadians get =\

    Alot of bands I listen to go there twice as much as here.

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    well tech came he saw n he conquered!!! 11/09/2012 manchester england, i was there, travelled from scotland, would do again in a flash! come back tech n9ne!!!!

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    I will sign ur petition for sure everyone needs to see Tech its the greatest fukin show on earth.

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