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Thread: What happened to Psychosis?

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    What happened to Psychosis?

    Been forever since I got on here. What happened to the user on this site named Psychosis? And does anyone have that "Ultimate Tech Collection" list?

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    24 views and no takers huh? DOES NO ONE KNOW WHERE I CAN SEE THAT LIST OR WHAT?! Is it fuckin' gone forever?!

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    dude those torrents are everywhere... but i thought u were talking about the wrestler.

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    Yeah I didn't realize those were torrents until just a bit ago. So is Psychosis and the other dudes the ones that created it or...still though. Why'd Psychosis just up and You'd think someone that was into Tech stuff like him would've stayed. Anyway....I don't know of any wrestler named psychosis lol, don't watch that stuff.

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    lol at wrestler named psychosis

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