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Thread: Who would win it?

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    Who would win it?

    A fight to the death! Battle of the century! FACE TO FACE! NO HOLDS BARRED!

    Grilled Cheese sandwich VS Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich!

    Grilled Cheese is accompanied by Tomato Soup, Peanut Butter and Jelly is accompanied by Whole Milk.

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    Senior Member AlexM's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    This is dumb. Grilled cheese would win easy.

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    i don't know man! i mean if it was a grilled cheese and ham, then it might get ugly, but that pb&j can slow him down!

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    What kind of bread are we talking? Swizz or American? Grape or Strawberry Jelly?

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    Grilled cheese would kick ass, yo no doubt! The only way it would lose is if the pb&j was already swirld together from the start, then it would be unstoppable!

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    Senior Member a tie a's Avatar
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    Jan 2010

    peanut butter >>>>>> but i don't like jelly =/

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    the way we do down here we put green chile in grilled cheese with ham, but then again pbnj with milk is legendary,i dunno man , i call a draw with a rematch

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    Senior Member ₡₱♛'s Avatar
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    C'mon son dont ask stupid questions. PB&J's undefeated since 1900

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    Senior Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    grilled cheese son!!

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    Senior Member CharlesWeis's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    I don't like tomato soup or milk so that won't sway me either way lol. But if it's swiss cheese, then I'll take that over peanut butter getting stuck to the top of my mouth any day. If it's American cheese, then I'll take the PB&J

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