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Thread: No snakes, but you could help us help REAL BATS!

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    No snakes, but you could help us help REAL BATS!

    On top of looking pretty damn cool, $5.00 from every sale of our new "Creature of the Night" bags will be donated to the Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, TX ( The illustration on the custom fabric was created by me and then sewn together by crafter, Vanessa Perez. We'd be very grateful if you could check them out. If it's something you don't think you could use, please spread the word so that we give to an amazing non-profit organization created to help bats in need.

    For more about my art:

    For more about Bat World Sanctuary:

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    Uhhh....damn dude.

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1

    i shoot bats with by bb gun,22 or sling shot. some times i even pull out the blow gun but its hard to aim that thing at night. *pause*

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