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Thread: Anyone listen to the Travis O'Guin interview yesterday?

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    Anyone listen to the Travis O'Guin interview yesterday?

    He cleared up a lot of that gay shit yall cry about on here: The cog situation and the Kutt situation.

    Travis seems like a really stand up dude, he was droppin knowledge about the business the whole time. The only thing that sucked was everyone who called was basically trying to find out how to be down with strange, the first caller was basically wastin good time and asking for a job for like 5 minutes, gtfoh.

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    Link plz??

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    it was good.

    I wonder what Travis was talking about when he said, "I'm thinking about putting something special in the MAYDAY CD that the TRTN forums inpsired me to do"

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    Travis is an amazingly smart dude. I've met him a few times and and I'm always blown away with the knowledge he has to offer.

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    Anyone who listened wanna share details? Not about to listen to that whole thing

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    Really he just talks about Cognito having a one record deal. And they dropped him cuz Automatic didn't reach expectations. So they both decided to let Cognito do Cognito. He talks about Kutt not being on tour. Saying the reason is because every artist on the tour has a project being released. He says he's spent 1.2 million dollars already on the Hostile Takeover Tour. And it costs money to put artists on tour, 75k for Kutt with all the expenses. Travis is a business man he needs money back from album sales and if Kutt doesn't have a project coming then there's no money coming in. He also says he wants to try and expand other fan bases other than Tech. That's why he's putting Kutt on his own tour. He says Kutt and him are still tight, Kutt is in Travis' office all the time. He also says that Strange is in a signing freeze. He wants to make it work with all the other artists before moving on. He's had multi-platinum artists want to sign with Strange but he politely said no cuz he wants to work on who's with Strange now. Then caller's starting asking stupid questions so I stopped listening. He's a real intelligent guy with a different business perspective than any other record label.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole

    Anyone who listened wanna share details? Not about to listen to that whole thing

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    Listen for the segment after the first wave of callers for his insight on Mayday, Krizz Kaliko's upcoming album, and some other ish. I had like 25 questions but could only get through like 5 so I'm hoping to get him on for another one.

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    He's got quite the compliment for Mayday and the upcoming album and trust me he didn't just say this for the callers either, he's said this sort of thing around the office as well.

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    Travis is an intelligent businessman, but the Kutt explanation sounds like bullshit to me. Strange Music should've been building the original group of artists up from the beginning. Why would you wait until 10 years after the artist has been signed to start trying to develop their individual fanbase? And why would you sign a bunch of new artists without having the individual artist's fanbases already established? It's the same thing with Skat and Snug. They weren't feeling the love on the marketing aspect of their music compared to Tech.

    Not knocking Travis or Strange, I'm just trying to understand what's going on.

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