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Thread: Prince and Tech N9ne...?

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    Prince and Tech N9ne...?

    So J Stalin mentioned he's had to buy the Purple Rain cd like 10times.
    So I decided to pick it up today and even tho it's a bit before my time I'm really diggin it.
    I heard the song Nikki and was thinkn Tech would sound so good on this track..I think Tech''s would fit perfectly on this track and I'd love too hear a remix with Tech on it or maybe a Tech n Prince Collab.
    That is all.

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    It's not with Prince, but you can tell that's where they got the idea for the melody for Freaky

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    All of 'Freaky' is based on 'Darling Nikki'. From the music to the lyrics. One of Tech's jams for sure.

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