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Thread: Ces Cru The Playground

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    Ces Cru The Playground

    Does anyone know what's going on with that album? You can't buy it off iTunes or amazon. Is like Strange putting it under their label for sale or something?

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    That is a little odd that it's not available through iTunes any longer. I purchased it around a month back and it's rarely left my CD deck in my whip within that time. Such a phenomenal album, I honestly wouldn't mind at all if they re-released it through Strange or put out some kind of deluxe edition with bonus material.

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    I purchased it off Itunes probally a week or so before Ces actually got signed. I hope that they're going to re-release it with either bonus material, or just to re-release it. There is a hard copy of The Playground, you just have to contact Ubi or Godemis in order to get it. If you contact either one on Facebook, they used to sell it for about 20 bucks I think, and it's a signed copy. The only Ces album that isn't in a hard copy is Capture Enemy Soldiers.

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    It's not available on iTunes anymore?? damn. I bought both that and Capturing Enemy Soldiers on iTunes last year. They're both worth the money believe me. I'd love to get hard copies.

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    I got it for free at the strange party 2 weeks ago or so hard copy

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    Talked to Ubi about this and he said everything is going to be back up in a day or so. When it is I'll try and get back in here and throw up a link to the album.

    The Playground is incredibly dope btw especially if you're chief'd out.

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    Its def worth hitting them up because i got my hard copy and they were real cool. It came signed by both Ubi and G and they sent some bonus stuff too.

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    If you can, you need to get your hands on Capture Enemy Soldiers. That album is rough!!!

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