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Thread: SwizZz - I'm SwizZzle Bitch

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    Senior Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    SwizZz - I'm SwizZzle Bitch

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    Junior Member
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    Jun 2011

    turn it up!!..

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    Senior Member DirtyGinger's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    New voice for SwizZz lol he fucking clowns that beat!

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    Senior Member ₡₱♛'s Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    thats gotta be the worst thing ive ever heard from swizzz

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    Senior Member mikern3821's Avatar
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    Jul 2009


    This was awful

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    Nov 2009

    it was supposed to be funny the best part was when he took his sandals off and clapped them lol but yah it was a pretty hurtin song lol

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    I do not like swizz....he sounds like a bitch and he jus can't spit.....the rest of FV is serious, I like dizzy write

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    Senior Member ShaneM's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    Swizz sucks, the only verse I listen to of his is Lucifer Effect mainly because the beat.

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    Senior Member CharlesWeis's Avatar
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    Sep 2010

    didn't really care for this but I usually like SwizZz, I know he was just fooling around on this but that's why I didn't like the original version (among other reasons)

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    Senior Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Mar 2010

    man he just clowned this beat lmao "niggas tryna hang like grandmas titties but you cant see me like a hickey on diddy" lmao!! ...on another note, that hat is dope as hell, i need one of those

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