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Thread: Something Else Tour Special Guest?

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    Something Else Tour Special Guest?

    Now that the Something Else tour is less than a month away does anyone have any idea or guesses on who the "special guest" will be? For the All 6's & 7's Tour it was E-40 and for the Hostile Takeover Tour it was MGK so I'm wondering if it will be another big name.

    All of my friends are hoping it's Kendrick Gaymar.....I mean Lamar. I'm honestly hoping that it's JL or even Snow Da Product. Any thoughts?

    **Sorry if this has already been talked about in the Something Else thread. With almost 7,000 replies I didn't want to try to find any discussion about it.

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    I don't think there will be a special guest.

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    There was no special guest on all 6s n 7s tour, e 40 was independent grind. I would have to agree with Alex theres no one else listed on the advertisement so i wouldnt think theres anyone besides what the flyer says

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    yeah not to mention if you look at they line up, its the same as the Hostile Takeover minus MGK and plus Ces. so I mean, that's a lot of acts for one show. I doubt they have anyone else.

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    Really? Really?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nate

    Kendrick Gaymar.....I mean Lamar.

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    That article makes it seem like it would be a Krizz Kaliko solo tour. Snow might be at the Dallas show go for Something Else tour and that's about it. Atlantic owns her right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jozsef Gyorfi

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    Can't wait for September 18th! I'm somewhat deprived this will only be the second concert attended in my life and first tech show! Can't wait :-/
    [img]insert Bart Scott photo here [\img]

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    IDK why all these kids hate on Kendrick........

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    I got my tickets for the October 27th show. Stupid question, but on Ticketmaster it says Tech N9ne only, but every other date includes the rest of the roster. Would Tech be the only one playing Bogart's in Cinci?

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