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Thread: What are your musical guilty pleasures?

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    What are your musical guilty pleasures?

    I know we all listen to different kinds of music, but who here is brave enough to throw out their guiltiest musical pleasures to the public eye? The shit you love for some reason KNOWING that it's bad. I might hate myself for doing this, but I'll start.

    -<em>The Millionaires</em>

    -<em>Semi Precious Weapons</em>

    -<em>Scissor Sisters</em>

    There I said it. Who's next?

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    Senior Member Ryan25's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    2 Chainz

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    Senior Member DirtyGinger's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

    lol most people on here won't wanna get flamed for their guilty pleasure but I'll do it.

    Tyga- dude has sick flow but does have some terrible shit.

    Waka Flocka- but only his super hype songs. I just think his whole image is an act, dude came up normal and well-off so i enjoy his crazy shit (like his Wild Boy verse). Any song where he's not going apeshit I cannot listen to.

    Not really guilty pleasures in my eyes but I'm sure someone's head will explode on here knowing how intolerant of opinions people are on here.

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    I thought 6 Foot 7 Foot and John were both decent tracks \_('-' )_/

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    Ultimate guilty pleasure go ahead and flame. When i drive wih the radio on and rhiannas song disturbia comes on i usually turn it up then roll up my windows in dirty shame lol. I also love to bump karma by waka if im really drunk typically if im in a car and someone sober is driving its a good song to go wild to, start shaking the car around and piss off the driver

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    Elton John...not really a guilty pleasure, but I'm sure someone on here will disagree.

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    Lady gaga....its a guilty pleasure...and i also pleasure myself to her voice.

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    Toby Keith- Red Solo Cup.. damn that is one catchy ass song lol

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    Waka Flocka

    Justin Bieber

    Mac Miller

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    lmao some of these answers are funny as hell

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