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Thread: what tour was this on?

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    what tour was this on?

    Im trying to remember which tour it was where mutt was sitting on a bench with a stereo messing with it like it was on, and it was playing different tech songs were playing and tech was rapping to it. I want to find the video on YouTube of him doing that.

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    Pretty sure it was strictly strange tour. Where the backdrop was graffiti

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    Boom thanks dude!

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    No problem

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    post a link if you find a good video

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    This is the only one I could find

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    God that video makes me miss the older tours so much. His show kinda bores the fuck outta me now. Part of that is just having been to so many over so many years I guess. It just feels so predictable and stiff because he makes so few changes to the overall set and to a lesser extent even the placement of some tracks. Even his stage presence feels overly stiff and reheased. I always loved the little bits of choreography in his show but now its to the point where if u go to two shows on the same tour you are seeing the exact same show all the way down to Tech body movement. I still go every time he comes to town just as I will this September, i just dont get nearly the same level of excitement I used to unfortunately. I honestly just wish he would have a massive set list overhaul. He has so many dope songs yet Ive seen him play the same ones over and over for the last 9-10 years. I would love to see a tech show without Einstein, Welcome to the midwest, Riotmaker, MWChopper, Bout ta Bubble,ect. Those are dope songs that he performs well but for me it just seems like the same shit every time when that time could be used on tracks like Industry is punks, My world, its Alive and others that are dope but he rarely does. Not to mention the ample other amazing songs he has that Ive never seen him play live at all.

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