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Thread: Something else pre-order not arrived

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    Something else pre-order not arrived

    So I pre-ordered the all access version about a month ago and it still hasnt arrived

    it cost me around $35.00 just to buy alone and get shipped to the uk so you can tell im not to pleased to be honest.

    Any one else in the uk had a problem like this, and does anyone know who i would contact about this on here?


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    Forget that checking it cost me $42.50,even more annoyed now haha

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    I'm in the UK, I got mine the day that the album got released.

    My guess is that you've got unlucky and the lovely people at UK customs have picked up your package and are going to add import tax.

    I would say email Penny but I haven't had a response the last few emails I've sent. Just have patience, if you haven't got it by the end of next week then contact Strange about it, however there isn't much they can do once it's got to the UK as they can't track it then.

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    just got mine today

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