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Thread: Looking 4 People 2 Start A New Project

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    Looking 4 People 2 Start A New Project

    Just signed up, first post, please let me introduce myself...

    I'm a drummer, living in Europe/Switzerland, into Tech since Anghellic. Played drums in several European bands from hiphop to metal, currently playing in a soul/r&b band. my influences are endless... however I'm heavily into strangemusic, subnoize especially (hed)pe, trash metal like soulfly, mighty deftones, mosdef, outkast, too many to mention...

    Where I live, there's nothing like underground hiphop. Everything's mainstream... Tech/Strangemusic is absolutely unkown... been trying to find like minded people in my area/country for ages without success. That's why I signed up here cuz I wanna start a new project with talented, dedicated people from all over the globe. Since y'all are Tech fans, we got something in common. I have a vision on my mind and therefore am looking for people to start writing some songs (the wonderful www makes it possible) and see where it goes. I wanna build a crew/band... underground/hardcore, release it on the web, creatin' a buzz. My drums are mic'd up in my studio, ready to record (working with logic 9).

    rappers, singers, beatmakers, guitar/bass players... if ya feel me, think this is a cool idea and wanna be part of it, drop me a mail at: darktwisted(at)

    would be hella dope to be hearing from you. keep it strange!

    peace, kev

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    ps. of course you can also drop me a mail herre (profile). peace

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    ok... im sicko same... hiphop producer... you can listen to my beats @ & .. you can contact me @ ...... hit me up sir

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    Im always down for some music. Hit me up here and listen to my music at or

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