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Thread: Something Else Deluxe came in today!

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    Something Else Deluxe came in today!

    I got a question though if any of yall out there got the same package... What exactly does the all access laminate give me besides having tech's signature on it will it grant me all access to one of his shows or is it just memorabilia? Also the monster energy facebook challenge do I have to wait a couple of days because it still has the old one up on the site, and everytime I try to enter my code it's starts over to my b-day info again. And how do I get the extra tracks where do I download them from?Hope someone can help me out thanks! ^S^

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    I dont know about the monster stuff but it was in the other thread that the all access pass is just a piece of memorabilia. It u try usinh it at a show it wont get you anywhere

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