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Thread: Who can diss Tha Joka the best?? look inside to find out. Mic dont lie. :)

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    Who can diss Tha Joka the best?? look inside to find out. Mic dont lie. :)

    First ima say this.

    "IV only listened to the clown maybe 7 times in my life" that being said "garbage"

    Second reason ALL of you will know Mic don't lie, "How many post do you see about this guy in the site?" haha funny to think about.

    Now those who know the place is for opinionated open minded artist. I have 4 MC's that would shit on the dude. K SO!!!!

    I THINK.

    1 HOPSIN

    So i don't want to start anything because the joka is using himself to slide in and hype everyone up to see what he can do. Smell the air around you. Don't you smell pussy?? Lol I'm a music fanatic, but any of this 4 cats could really put a hurt on this dude. Beside lynch, he's already out of it. Haha literally.

    Thanks and remember my opinion on the matter.

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    Pointless thread, anybody can name countless artists better than him. People don't want to see lists of better artists, that's irrelevant, they want to see random people making diss tracks.

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    Hop and Jokerr are tight, Hop even has The Jokerr mastering Knock Madness, will never happen although I do beleive Hop could make a good diss with his video creativity aswell as his raps.

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