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Thread: The Jokerr's I Dare You To Diss Me - Contest

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    The Jokerr's I Dare You To Diss Me - Contest

    I thought this would get most of you guys attention

    1.Write and record a diss track, make it into a video (of whatever you want, just make sure it's YOU and in a VIDEO) and post it to my FB wall at2.Use whatever beat you want. You suck,so it doesn't matter.3.You must submit an ACTUAL VIDEO, not pictures, or a picture video.4.Anything tasteless, grotesque, or obviously inappropriate in your video will forfeit your entry (and is a bitch move anyway). This just means use discretion. Clown and be disrespectful, rap about whatever you want, but if you feel like something is probably a bad idea to use or do in your video, err on the side of caution. This rule is only meant to address retards who don't know how to diss effectively and would try to win with shock value by making Two Girls One Cup their video or something. 5.Title must include 'The Jokerr Diss' and must be uploaded to YouTube. You should include your name and links to your facebook page in the video description to capitalize on the publicity.6.I will review submissions and periodically post the best ones on my wall as they are uploaded. Get yours done sooner than later! The more exposure you get the better!7.Submit your video URL and name Titled "CONTEST"8. The top 10 videos with the MOST VIEW will automatically be in the final running, and 3 wildcard entries will also be observed. Entries must be received by Feb 29th, and FINALISTS will be announced March 1st, 2012. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Details on voting and contest rules will be announced as the deadline approaches.Good luck, bitches. -The J to the O

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