Taken from faygoluvers.net

So get this...today at Prozak's Facebook Page, rap mogul Violet Brown left him a message congratulating him on his upcoming "Paranormal" release! She actually mentioned that it would be released in April of this year. Here's what was said:

Violet Brown: Yesterday I had the honor of hearing some of the NEW PROZAK scheduled for APRIL...I am SO PROUD to be at STRANGE MUSIC with his NEW music. I gotta say that this could be one of the best & most important releases of 2012....We have so many great releases on deck but I have personally been through his lyrics, 4 new videos & some of the new finished songs.....PROZAK is not f**king around in 2012. His new stuff is MIND-BLOWING....STRANGE MUSIC FANS, BRACE YOURSELF & GET READY FOR A STRANGE MUSIC IC...A PROZAK IC...A HIPHOP IC...See PROZAK on the HOSTILE TAKEOVER TOUR 2012, coming to 90 SHOWS in 99 DAYS...STRANGE MUSIC MAKING HISTORY IN 2012