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Thread: New 'Choppers' ?

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    New 'Choppers' ?

    Now some of yall may think its stupid or whatever, and theres said to not be another Choppers track, but when I listen to WWC i hear alot of alien/outspace references. Anyone think this could mean something bigger than 'world wide'?

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    ur gay

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    Nope, becuz Tech said he was done... if it happens again they better recruit Xenu & E.T. cuz Idk what rappers they can find that'll be bigger than Worldwide....

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    Tech said at Heatwave in Middleton that he might make

    And I'd guess it'd be something like WWC2

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    Just all the outerspace refernences got me wondering, an i know he said he wasnt gonna do another but not everytime thats said means its followed through with. It just seemed like a subliminal message or some shit to me ha

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    They need to make another Midwest Choppers!

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    ^^^ you mean like midwest choppers 2 ?

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    No, like a Midwest Choppers 3.

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    At heatwave he was talking about it and he said something along the lines of "there was alot of places around the world he missed" or something, so I'd guess it'd be WWC2 not Midwest Choppers 3.

    If either of those.

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    outerspace references? smfh goon

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