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Thread: trying to find rappers n singers to collab with!!! wtf main, lets have some fun making music

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    trying to find rappers n singers to collab with!!! wtf main, lets have some fun making music

    i rap, been doin it for a while. wanna start some new shit and get everyone from everywhere all parts of the world. i dont care just trying to have some fun making rap tunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hit me up!!!!!!!!!!


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    thanks dude, i was lookin for someone good to make me push myself, the replies i got to other posts of the same thing were
    "i dont know man, if your really really good i might consider, i dont want my name on shitty music"

    stuck ups main, i just wanna have fun ya know?

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  5. #5 send me some beats if y'onto or download some of the free ones i got and some were made by homie's. here ------>

    i just need vocals tracks of yall on em so i can mix em into the songs i have half finished then ill put em up n what not

    get on whichever one you both like man anybody get on these send me the vocal tracks to
    now i aint tryin to screw nobody i just rap by myself and it blows not havin another person ya know? its like blazin by yourself all the time .

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    thats what im sayinggg! im in!

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    fuck yeah dude thats what im talkin about. check them beats out and hit me up

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    hit the beats, send me the vocal tracks with the name of the beat on it. and ill put it together. ive already done two of them. just doin em all and want new sounds on it ya know?

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    Hit up my email bro

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