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Thread: Most wanted out of nowhere random collab.

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    Most wanted out of nowhere random collab.

    so this was kinda inspired by Yelawolf getting Kid Rock on Let's Roll. i just loved the idea of Kid Rock gettin down on that chorus. so it got me thinking, who's got a bad ass voice and would be kinda unexpected collab for tech. my opinion.....John Legend. Love his music, he's a REAL artist and i think would be great on the right tech hook. any other out of the box collabs you guys wanna share?

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    Son Henley!

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    I mean... it's not really out of the box but I'd love for him tol collaborate with Serj from System of a Down. Maybe the singer from RATM as well. And I know he already mentioned his interest in doing, but Tech should definitely do something with Adele. She's 22ish and has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard.

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    Elton John

    Anything with Andre 3000

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    Tech with DMX, Ludacris, or T.I. and Kutty with T.I. or DMX id also like to hear Mystikal and Tech on a track of their own rather than All that I know. I'd also like to see a freddie gibbs collab but out of nowhere maybe like ne-yo chris brown john legend any of those on a chorus

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    The Nigga Man and Jessie J.

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    I dont think John Legend would be out of nowhere, he's always amazing when he collabs with rappers. My random one would be Chester Bennington. As far as I know, he's only done one solo collab with a rapper.

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    fuck yeah! one thing i love about strange is their versatility. and tech sign's people with talent. personally i think afroman would fit in knowing that tech knows what track to throw at an artist. i think afroman has a voice and funny ass lyrics that could fit in with 816 boys. haha with ics like "colt 45" and one of my favorites "hush". not to mention she won't let me fucc and because i got high. i really think strange can do a lot with him. but then again i have no idea where he is at nowadays. but i would still love 2 hear a collab tho other than that, avenged sevenfold, system of a down, another crooked i feature. royce da 5'9, eminem just to see wut it would be like(dont hold out like manny and mayweather), to be honest i support tech all the way there is'nt one person i would not want tech to work with. i look forward to anything he and strange do, despite tha negative.

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    Jay Z

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    voice.. def. mystikal, i been thinkin bout that 1. an Dmx i been waiting!(spiritul song)
    but lyrical i really want to see him and Obie.

    chorus wise... nate (r.i.p) dogg.. or ic ladies like mary j. or miss hill. f it alica keys is amazin too..
    beat wise.... timbaland!!!

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