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Thread: Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector (OUT NOW!) (7,900 sold 1st week)

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    Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector (OUT NOW!) (7,900 sold 1st week)

    7,900 copies sold first week. #67 on Billboard.



    1. Newsflash (Skit) (Prod. by Michael "Seven" Summers) 2. Krocadil (Prod. by Seven) 3. Bacon N Eggs (Skit) (Prod. by Rob Rebeck) 4. MDK feat. Trizz (Prod. by Seven) 5. Disappeared (Prod. by Seven) 6. Fucced Up (Skit) (Prod. by Rob Rebeck) 7. Eating You feat. Wrekonize & Bernz (Prod. by Seven) 8. Tha Package feat. Yelawolf (Prod. by Seven) 9. Something About Susan feat. COS & Irv Da Phenom (Prod. by Evan 'NonStop' Fontaine) 10. The River (Skit) (Prod. by Seven) 11. Can I Have a Napkin? (Prod. by Seven) 12. Mask and Knife feat. Bleezo & G-Macc (Prod. by Madesicc Music) 13. Meat Cleaver (Prod. by Seven) 14. I Give Up (Prod. by Justin 'Axis' Patton) 15. Instruments (Skit) (Prod. by Rob Rebeck) 16. Stabbed feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin (Prod. by Seven) 17. Body on the Floor (Prod. by Seven) 18. Have You Checked the Children? (Skit) (Prod. by Rob Rebeck) 19. Sweeney Todd (Prod. by Seven) 20. Dead Bitch (Prod. by Seven)

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    ^ agree its something most rappers can't pull off

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    what about that shirt though

    Quote Originally Posted by ???

    I hope this doesn't become a trend. The signed copy is basically the only reason I preorder albums.

    Quote Originally Posted by DiE$eL E
    Spoke to Penny on the phone today and she told me that they will NOT be signed.....

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    Man I can't stop listening to the snippets. This shit is turned the fuck up! The beats n are all so aggressive and Lynch sound like he just decided to a bunch a blow and go on a killing spree.
    Still can't get over "Stabbed" the beat just reminds me of like a tornado ripping through a small town, shit is violent!

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    Gonna wait for the full experience with this album.

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    sooooo am i the only one that thought meat cleaver wasn't very good, and all the snippets were trash?

    I guess so.

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    I thought Lynch was lyrically on point in "Meat Cleaver", but he was also saying pretty much the same thing he's been saying on every Strange released song. And I rarely bother listening to snippets.

    Quote Originally Posted by matt meyer

    sooooo am i the only one that thought meat cleaver wasn't very good, and all the snippets were trash?

    I guess so.

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    @ matt I guess you are but I think you've said before that you don't like lynch, id prolly feel the same way on a mayday release. Everybodys different though and I havnt listened to the snippets so they could all be trash, but as a lynch fan I doubt I would see it that way.

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