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Thread: WTT: The most overrated album of the year.

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    WTT: The most overrated album of the year.

    It isn't great at all, it's only polite way they found to tell us that THEY got money. It's one of the most selfish album ever. All 6's and 7's fucked it, and again, T9's an underdog... Fuck'em.

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    Now did you really expect Jay-Z to resurrect his flow from '97 and smash the game with a vengeance? Kanye's another story but I rest my case.

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    Have you even listened to the album? they actually have some serious subjects matters stuff ive never heard Jay rap about before along with type notch production with two of the greatest mc's alive rappin over it. Far from overated

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    lol i agree. production was good but nothing else stood out

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    I didn't like the album at first but it really is a good album. Not the best of last year but not overrated.

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    2 rich guys talking about, money over great production , misleading album title is misleading,, overrated everyyear they drop

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    It's called Watch The Throne, what the fuck did people expect besides bragging about being on top? There's lots of depth as well, but I get some of you hate anything that more than 1,000 people know about & who don't talk about batshit stupid conspiracy theories.

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    I liked it, but it could have been better. So in that sense, I guess it was somewhat overrated.

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    I was actually surprised with it, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

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