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Thread: Something Else Thoughts?

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    Something Else Thoughts?

    Judging by some of your posts I assume quite a few of you heard it. What do you think? In my opinion at this current moment it tops "All 6's and 7's." Truly was "Something Else" for a majority of the album.

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    I thought it was solid. But very scattered and all over the place. It'll grow on me. I give it at 6.5-7/10. Too many features. Need better hooks. Tech even said in the interview that he let the features come up with the hooks. Bad idea, lolz. Anyways, Tech brought it just wish the a lot of the features like Wiz, would have. Kendrick killed it.

    Like I said, wasn't bad, but wasn't a masterpiece. It was literally "Something Else" in a awkward way.

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    simply love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Nigg

    simply love it.

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    I liked it alot more then I expected too honestly, and I'm a cynic in general I over analyze everything lol when I heard BITCH and the song with Wiz I figured it would just be a boring album but I'll admit I was wrong. Could have done without a few of the features, mainly Red Cafe and Wiz Khalifa kind of stain the songs there on but overall I'm gonna say about an 8/10 I enjoyed it

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    So Dope. 9/10 for me. Definitely some of his best work. And I loved the hooks and the beats personally.

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    Im enjoying the songs, definitely something else. The album is still growing on me. But to be honest the songs dont sound like i will be bumping loud in my car.

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    I addicted to straight out the gate, see me, party the pain away and love to dislike me. The rest of the album is good and the title fits perfectly cause it really is sumn else

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    On first listen I was somewhat disappointed, but the album just has to grow on me. I still haven't heard the 5 extra tracks I'll get with my I-tunes pre-order. I agree that there aren't many tracks to bump in the car, but it is different and it is Tech. The dude doesn't kid around when he says he won't keep doing the same shit. Truly unique. Straight Out the Gate, Priorities, and Strange 2013 are my favs right off the bat. Production is excellent all the way through. I will be listening to this album for the next month I am sure it will grow on me.

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    anybody hear the deluxe album yet ir have the deluxe yet send me a link if u do

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