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    I'm an Emcee out of RHODE ISLAND. Not known nationally, but known on the east coast. This is a video series "Stripped" by a local videographer Brittany Taylor. The current state of hip hop for people alot of people is "Ain't what it used to be." This is my take on WHY....Tech gets a shout out for making that real shit and keeping his stage game sharp in a climate of college boy rappers, swaggots, etc. If you like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Wayne, Mac Miller or any other moist ass may as well skip this one.


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    that right there......was the fuckin shit

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    Thanks brotha!!

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    Real spill homie that was the shit

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    That was real nice man mad skill. Sad thing is nobody cares. Go look at all the comments on threads about fuck shit topics 20 30 40 50 60 etc... comments. This shit will be long hidden in trt9 fourm within the hr. Truthfully tho if i had it my way this would be stamped at the top of topics unable to roll on through but good on ya man i got to see it and shit is ill.

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    Haha I know man. All good though real hip hop heads (or real heads in general) should keep speaking their piece. I appreciate the compliment for real.

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    awwww yea

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    Some of the most creative disses I've heard in like...forever, lol.

    If that don't get you some attention I don't know what will, but I will say this....

    Meta P's gonna be my new favorite rapper for 2012, book it.

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    Thanks brotha...I meant ALL those disses...from the bottom of my heart haha.

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    anyone else?

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