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Thread: I've got a killer idea for a Tech N9ne music video!

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    I've got a killer idea for a Tech N9ne music video!

    It would be Aaron putting flowers on a grave and on the tombstone it would say "Here lie Tech N9ne 1985-2019" or something like that. Then some Iittle kid would com up to Aaron and say "ain't you Tech N9ne?" and Aaron wod be tellin the kid about how he had to stop rapping cuz beaing away from his kids finally got to him but rappin it all to the kid, then Tech N9ne wound come up outta the ground rapping about all the good times they had on the road and it'd kinda be like him having an argument with himself.

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    That's tight, I'd like to see something like that.

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    Too much like T.I. vs T.I.P. concept in my opinion.

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