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Thread: Favorite Strange Music Album/ Song

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    Favorite Strange Music Album/ Song

    Out of all Strange Music Artists (including Tech N9ne), list your favorite overall album, and then your favorite song (independent from album). Reasons why would be great, let's hear some real underground shit too that is rare that maybe nobody's heard of!

    Here are mine: Album: Welcome to Strangeland

    Second Album (Had to do this one): Sickology 101

    Favorite Song: Naked (Boom Boom Room) - This one is just fun

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    Album: Welcome To Strangeland & Coathanga Strangla

    EP: Seepage

    Song: Last Sad Song & Spit It Out by Brotha Lynch Hung

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    If you include Tech odds are everybody's answers are gonna be Tech.

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    Album: (BLH) Dinner and a Movie

    Song: Red Nose

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    Strange Album (no Tech): Genius.

    Song from Genius: Dead Wrong.

    2nd Strange Album: Tales from the Sick.

    Song from TFTS: Fun N' Games.

    I'm really starting to get into Subnoize Souljaz (Johnny Richter, The Dirtball, Daddy X, Saint Dog, Judge D, Big B, Dogboy, D-Loc etc. etc.) Which is basically Kottonmouth Kings.

    Check out Subnoize Souljaz In the Trenches (Volumes 1-6) Pure underground shit.

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