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Thread: thePhantom* - Say You Love Me (Feat. Ces Cru) VIDEO.

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    thePhantom* - Say You Love Me (Feat. Ces Cru) VIDEO.

    Now, if any of you have seen the movie "Four Rooms", this video will make total sense to you. Either way, it's a dope video, but if you've seen the movie it makes it that much better. The whole movie is directed by Quentin Tarantino, but the movie is basically split into four different sections. They change when the bellboy goes from room to room, and all of the scenes with each room are written by a different person. For example, Quentin Tarantino wrote the story for one room, while Robert Rodriguez wrote the story for one of the other rooms and so on.

    But anyways, here's the video they dropped right at the turn of the new year.

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    THIS is pretty dope, I wasn't feelin' it at first ya know. It's grown on me lol

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    im not feelin the beat lol

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    I can dig it. This is the first time I've heard the Phantom, he isn't that bad.

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