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Thread: Subnoize Souljaz 'Underground Collabos' Featuring Tech N9ne And Krizz Kaliko

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    Subnoize Souljaz 'Underground Collabos' Featuring Tech N9ne And Krizz Kaliko



    I'm pretty sure all these songs are old, but there was a couple I haven't heard so I figured there would probably be a few for everyone.

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    Yeah i got soo excited when i heard there was 14 new tracks... then i went thru a HUGE letdown when i saw that 0 of them are new :/

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    i hate when subnoize throws old songs on a cd to make some money instead actually putting some effort into making something new....only new song i seen on there was the first one, assuming it's a remix since saint dog and madchild weren't on the original 'black smoke'......oh and the one with richter and chucky chuck (only released on kmk's site)

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