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Thread: Producers?Want a lil Exposure?

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    Producers?Want a lil Exposure?

    Sup everyone my names Tyler Denbeigh imma rapper from Spokane Washington (Check the link below) im lookin for some beat producers for my next project i already got tracks with strange affilates like Skatterman,JL,Young Bleed im lookin for some other beat producer who are looking for some exposure too im workin on getting Snug Brim an Delima (From Welcome 2 my world) on a track an more on more trying to get the fund for Flawless Real Talk also looking at SwizZz from Funk Volume to an looking for nice bangin beats thought ide ask if any off yall lookin for some exposure get at me!

    Tyler Denbeigh

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    Hit me up at I'm trying to get on as much mixtapes as possible!

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    where is dat scrilla doe

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