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    Place your bets?

    Whos going to win tonight?

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    Teen all the way. Lesnar doesn't like being hit

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    Lol that was suppose to say reem

    Quote Originally Posted by ha ha
    Teen all the way. Lesnar doesn't like being hit

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    Senior Member Gareth's Avatar
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    Overeem..everyone from my state(South Dakota) will be watching cuz Lesnars from here, but he's gonna get his ass whooped, Overeems got heavy hands so i predict a ko first round, Overeem puts his money on a ko first round but guarantees a ko in the 2nd round, and i hope Donald Cerrone whoops Diaz's ass, i dislike the diaz brothers cuz their to fuckin cocky

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    Lesnar, as soon as it hits the ground, Lesnar will beast mode

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    Overeem, stand-up knockout

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    lol @ any FAGGOT that says LESTARD will beat the KING

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    Well..I couldnt of been more wrong, props to Reem, JDS has a challenge ahead of him.

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    it sucks lesnar retired, i liked him

    but thankfully now we dont have to deal with ufc constantly riding his ball bag any more

    yea he was good but they didnt need to always make his seem like he was a fuckin god

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    Lmfao Lesnar got fucking raped.

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