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Thread: Ces cru tracks

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    Ces cru tracks Here's a song i put up give up by Ces cru

    Anyone want some more?

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    Thanks for that bro. What else do you have?

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    I have Capturing Enemy Soldiers & The Playground on my iPod so any other Ces Cru would be greatly appreciated! They're who I want signed to Strange most. So talented!

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    Whenever I get the chance, I'm gonna get a hard copy of The Playground and get Capture Enemy Soldiers off iTunes. I've got some tracks off The Playground, but what's a few tracks without the whole damn thing? I love Ces Cru, they deffinately need to be signed!

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    For the dead discussion! Maybe people will listen now that they're signed

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    SINISTER is by far there best song. IMO

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    "Blood N Guts"...this song is fucking ill.

    Quote Originally Posted by Derick Shipley

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    Fuck yeah it is. I liked that article you did on 13, i can't wait for it i need some more ces songs!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Nelson

    "Blood N Guts"...this song is fucking ill.

    Quote Originally Posted by Derick Shipley

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