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Thread: How long have YOU been a fan of Strange Music?

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    How long have YOU been a fan of Strange Music?

    Whether you came here because of All 6's and 7's, Welcome to Strangeland, or one of Tech N9ne's other more recent albums, I want to know how long you have been a fan of Strange. I've been a fan of Tech N9ne for about a year now. I got hooked by listening to Technicians off of his All 6's and 7's. I saw how fuckin loyal his fans were and was so blown away by the music I had to start listening more. Now I have all the following albums: I'm in the process of listening to all his old shit, just need the money to buy it hahaGenius

    Raw and Unkutt

    Sickology 101

    All 6's and 7's




    Welcome to Strangeland

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    Senior Member DirtyGinger's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Heard my first Tech N9ne in like 2005/06, didn't get really into Strange fully till 2009

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    Senior Member NickRitter's Avatar
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    Oct 2009

    The first album I heard was Killer, I have been a fan ever since

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    Heard welcome to the midwest.. didn't even like rap.. but the dude impressed the hell outta me

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    First time was from Madden '06. The Beast was the only song I had playing on the main menu. At first I thought tech was a group ha.

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    been a fan since fuck food

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    First I heard was Psycho Bitch and Breathe, but Absolute Power was already out. Instant fan and he's the only rapper I really liked at the time, mostly still is. I like Kaliko's work, all the collabos are good but Tech is king. So in short I've been a fan for about seven / eight years. Favorite albums are Killer and Sickology.

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    i heard tech for the first time in late 2005 then waited for everready (november 06') to come out and i've been a hardcore fan ever since.

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    Senior Member Ryan25's Avatar
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    Dec 2008
    Id heard of him back in 03 cuz i had a friend from vegas that was tellin me about him in high school, and i heard im a playa in 05 but started listening to tech fully in 07 and the rest of strange in 08

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    Senior Member AlexM's Avatar
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    July 2008. I was getting a ride home from the basketball court and the guy giving me the lift played Slacker. That was the first song I ever heard by Tech N9ne. I went home and looked him up and I've been getting more and more into Strange Music. The funny thing is, I have never seen that guy since then.

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