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Thread: What makes a good rapper to you?

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    What makes a good rapper to you?

    I'm sure it's a combination of things, but what makes you dig someone's sound more than another's? Speed, content, flow, beats, visual presentation (believe me, that last one makes or breaks more artists than you think), etc? Seeing that this forum is very opinionated, I thought we'd get in to what makes someone dope/garbage instead of who is/isn't.

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    Originality, Creativity, Lyrical, and flow basically sum up everything. As for content, I don't mind horrocore rappers, or any type of rapper for that matter because I see all forms of rap as an art. I just like the people who are good at there art. Like I think KMK is good at there form of music, BLH good at his, and T9 good at his. Its almost as though all of this is obvious but yet so many rappers don't get it. If I had more time I would elaborate more, but I think anyone who reads this gets it anyways.

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    I think how an artist uses his beats makes or breaks him/her. You can have the best lyrics around, but if you sound the same on every song then you're eventually going to get boring and people will forget about you.

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    Lyrics, believabilty of lyrics and beats.

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    Lost all credibility as soon as you said that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane

    Like I think KMK is good at there form of music,

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    Content - Switching up topics, believability, not gimmicky, not the same shit over and over.

    Lyrics - Speaks for itself. Stays on topic, solid metaphors/punchlines, easy to relate, and memorable.

    Flow - Speed doesnt really matter, as long as they ride the beat correctly.

    Delivery - Sound of the voice is huge. You can have the best lyrics, but if the way you sound sucks then its no good. Can't stand that generic grimey juggalo sounding voice. And even if you have a good voice, you have to switch up your sound throughout songs. Cant go rapping the same all the time.

    Beats - Since most rappers don't produce their own music this is more the skill of being able to select dope beats, and knowing what type of track to use the beat for. Even the best lyricist can screw up if the beats he's rapping over aren't worthy.

    Uniqueness - Gotta have something in your music that makes you stand out from rappers with a similar /genre.

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    Pretty much everything that has been said, except nobody has mentioned relatability yet. If an artist can connect to you through a song, well me at least, I end up being a fan real quick.

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    honestly, a rapper that makes me laugh, I couldnt give 2 fucks about their struggles in life, I got my own general problems just like everyone else and wont pay money to hear it, but If something is funny, thats worth money, putting a smile on ya face is priceless.

    Then of course, the technical shit.

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    Being real to yourself and loyal to your fans

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