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Thread: tmtyl or believers

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    tmtyl or believers

    right now for me tmtyl the better album but im sure believers will grow on me more

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    TMTYL (For now....still early though have to let BLVRS grow on me....TMTYL was in my car for easily a whole year)

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    tmtyl but I like believers a lot ,But I knew they wouldn't top tmtyl cause that's a ic album.

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    Believers. Wrek's and Bernz's flows are better and the beats are better IMHO.

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    TMTYL I Feel BLVRs Is Dope And Has A More Band Feel To It But I Still Like TMTYL More

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    TMTYL defiantly had a much bigger first listen impact than Believers. That may just be because I listen to MAYDAY a lot more now and I expect greatness from them, but TMTYL blew me away on the first listen, and Believers did not.

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    Believers for me because Bernz really stepped it up and I like the beats a lot better. Plus Marathon Man is nothing short of amazing, I really enjoyed the concept and how they didn't make it your average sad tribute song. The only thing I don't care for on Believers is the hook on My Life and the fact it was only 15 songs.

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    They are = in quality
    TMTYL has more subject matter doe....

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