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Thread: Anyone want to review the new Hip Hop To Heaven IPhone app? Will give 1 away for free

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    Anyone want to review the new Hip Hop To Heaven IPhone app? Will give 1 away for free

    I just want to let everyone know that we just recently released the innovative "Hip Hop To Heaven" Iphone app. This trivia/adventure game is the 1st of its kind, and contains a very creative story line, in depth Hip Hop Questions, and its targeted for extreme Hip Hop Heads.

    I have been told that the game may be a little too hard, but our goal was to challenge even the most knowledgable fan.

    The premise is this: You are an MC who sells his soul for the fame and fortune. In order to reclaim your soul, you must reach Hip Hop Heaven. There are 100 steps to get there, and 10 negative steps(where you burn in hell). You have your choice of choosing 1,3, or 5 step questions. Obviously the 5's are the toughest. Once you reach the Gates of Heaven, you must answer questions about deceased Hip Hop artist'

    Anyone should be able to reach Heaven, especially if they choose all 1's(Easy). The key is getting the highest score. In order to do this, you would have to choose mostly 5's(There is a bonus timer, and you get those points if you finish with whatever is left on the clock)

    When you finish playing, your score is uploaded to, and placed in our rankings

    As of this moment, the high score is in the 30 Thousand range

    This game was designed with the true head in mind, and although it may cause some imbalance, you will not find any R&B related material in the app. There are over 100 different categories, and at least 7000 questions in the database as of this writing.

    I hope you guys check it out, and any feedback is appreciated

    I will upload some images of the game soon

    I would like to gift the app to someone here, and have them give a review. I can send you the promo code to redeem in the app store

    Hip Hop To Heaven

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    14 five star reviews is a good start. I'll probably check it out in a week or so. My lady is taking the iPad unit home for the holidays but I'm interested.

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    I'll review it for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by CEYOTIK777

    I'll review it for you
    Confirm me as a friend and I'll send u the promo code


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    Ill check it out my email is my phone number is 508 498 7748

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