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Thread: Something Else Shipping Early?

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    Something Else Shipping Early?

    I just received an email that my shipping label is being printed and I will be able to track my package in 24 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else get this? I'm stoked to get it in a few days!!!!!!!!

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    Don't get your hopes up. When I ordered Rittz's album they told me the same thing 2 weeks ahead of the release and I ended up getting it the day after the release.

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    They always send preorder shipping emails this early.

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    Hmmm. I guess I don't remember them sending them out this early, but I am not getting my hope up that high. I pre-order a lot of stuff from strange and I always get it just a few days after my email so I hope it really doesn't take two weeks...

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    I also got it today and I don't remember this happening with any other releases I've preordered

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    yeah my order says its been shipped. hmm

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    I'm guessing people will start getting them happened to me before with Kelvin I think. Plus Travis knows what hes doing. They've been putting up full streams the day before for advertisment and this will deffinitely leak soon, so why not just send it out and make fans happy since half of them will hear it soon anyways.

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    If you check the tracking number, you're probably just going to see "electronic notification received" or whatever. I think it's just because they pay for shipping labels online, and they've probably already done so and starting packaging pre-orders so they're ready to ship out come time. We've been shown photos before of the pre-orders sitting in tubs waiting to go out like a week ahead.

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    Has anybodys shipment actually shipped already? My order still says electronic shipping info received. I usually get my orders the day before the release date.??

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    Orders don't usually ship until Friday night into Saturday morning

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