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Thread: What is your favorite tech n9ne line or phrase?

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    What is your favorite tech n9ne line or phrase?

    I love on 'Paper' from the gates mix plate when he was like; "i sacraficed everything for this money it'll be a rap just like a mummy if you try to get it from me... " and i like that part, "better take the bass out ya trachea ima waste yo crepes and yo jager..." Tech spit so many cold ass flow whats your favorite?

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    Blackened The Sun from K.O.D. The whole first verse cuz I can't pick just one line lol

    How do I describe my pain? It just rains and it rains At the same time flame-ah I am bane, insane in my veins, No restraints can chain or contain me, I'm dangerous!

    When I gave you my light, It was wrong, wasn't right, Ain't no love was in sight when I needed. So I run with the night In the songs that I write If I be violent, then I wont be defeated.

    It's jet black in my brain, 'Cause the hatred you gave me Has turned me to twisted. You dont like this, Suck my dick, All the kids with the sickness Been waiting for this shit!

    I wanna get into the mind of your youngest, Fill it with fungous, And grow it 'til it's humongous. Psycho alumnist, the tip of the tongue slip, Urgin' you punk bitch, Eat shit from your dung pit.

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    Suge knight punked the industry quick, that's cause most the industrys bitch!!!

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    alot to choose from but im really feelin the new mgk song with him and twista "this my world, this my game, all the wicked shit thats comen outta my brain, this my girl, music is my dame"

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    I ain't a snake nigga all i did was make niggas money was sunny now it's funny you playa hate niggas, over some cake the fate of a show me state nigga in my face will be Don Juan the great to late nigga.

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    Why u hiding behind ur Tweets, I be finding out ur streets, cuz all that flying out u beak nigga, Ima real 1, Rhyme witout no beat, Say fuk N9ne and i go eat, U just lying out ur Teeth Nigga


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    "Grandma told be the good book said
    In the last days get ready for the 10 plagues
    First the rivers they will be ran with RED
    2,3, and 4 dead frogs will cause lice and flies. Sick live Stock is 5, The Living they must fight for their Lives!
    6,7 and 8 are boil, storms of fire and lotus. N9ne is Darkness so dark its hard for you to focus
    10 is the death of the first BORN, if i said it was questionable the religion would make it a point to get at me, battle me, maybe have this verse TORN.

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    Red nose 3rd verse
    I'm comin and drivin my short bus
    With this nose I dont need to torch up
    Bustin through like the industry's Porsche
    Coming after who didn't support us
    Rip down its bleachers I blew up cause my sound is ether
    Underground up and found this creature
    Not scared of a nigga with clownish features
    I'm makin a name outside your mainstream
    Real, it wasn't an insane dream
    From the beginning I really came clean
    You about to see Strange gleam, take it over in gain green
    Strange Music and RBC along with Fontana we gon change things
    Now its so funny cuz with money I can fly away
    Or leave them haters off in the deepest darkest hide away
    Why do they do me wrong? my music truly strong
    Because I'm different all you cowards wanna shoo me gone
    Yes this is Strange year, worldwide fame's near
    But the game's queer, sometimes I feel like Rudolph the reindeer
    And the music they said blows, is on top and the cred grows
    You're gonna have to open up the door for the bro with the Red Nose

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    Feelin my heart hates my brain/
    Cause my brain makes me do things that causes my heart pain/

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