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Thread: EVEREADY £24.99 on Itunes 0_0

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    EVEREADY £24.99 on Itunes 0_0

    was going to buuy this and add it to my tech collection i hear ist briliant but is it overpriced and this?????

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    I paid $9.99 here in the states when it first came out. This album is a ic and in my opinion, is the best compilation of Tech's diverse sounds. I'd strongly suggest getting it, but try to find a lower price...It might also be that expensive because it came with a second disc, "The Strange Music Library".

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    Well on the Australian iTunes, Everready costs close to $50!

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    get it off the strange music website or off amazon or something! cuz its worth buying, but anything over like 18USD is ridiculousness today, and thats for a hard copy

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