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Thread: Hey Big Scoob.

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    Hey Big Scoob.

    Just a thought for you big homie.

    FIRST. I hope all is well, For you and yours.

    SECOND. for the fans that missed you on WTSL You should hook it up with some remixes of tracks you missed out on.

    Like Kocky, or Slave, or retrogress.

    Gotta say its not the same with Big Scoob sittin out the game.


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    When it comes to his features he has come through with some really good verses. I like Damn Fool and some of Monsterifik. It really isn't the same without the big homie. He's funny too so I wish he was on that Mackzilla and Kaliko DVD.

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    def woulda loved hearin the big fella on WTSL lookin forward to some new shit

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