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Thread: Tech N9ne ft. Skrillex & Nicki Minaj

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    Tech N9ne ft. Skrillex & Nicki Minaj

    C'mon Tech & Travis make this shit happen before the world ends... 12/21/12 is jus' around the corner!!! I don't care for dubstep or whatever its called but that shit he did with Ko?N and that Equinox song was dope and as for Nicki I love lookin' at that big ass booty it belongs on a Strange track... use your Wayne connect and hook a Brotha up!!!

    btw i dont really believe that whole 2012 bullshit but im jus' sayin' the song would be dope as fuck

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    Please no

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    umm no gtfo now

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    1. 12/21/12 is not just around the corner...12/21/11 is just around the corner.

    2. You'd love to see Nicki Minaj's ass on a Strange track? I love that fake ass as much as the next guy but uh...your appreciation for her ass doesn't seem like a reason to have her on a song. You realize you wouldn't be able to see it right? So you want her on a song because in other situations you enjoy looking at her ass? lolwut.

    3. While I wouldn't necessarily mind a Tech and Nicki collab, I don't really care for Skrillex. Although, I know Tech could rip up some dubstep beats.

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    TECH and SKRiLLEX would be tight

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    not a terrible idea, i dont think

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    Nicki is actually decent, would like to see a collab between the two.

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    FUCK no

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    yeah boi

    Quote Originally Posted by PSN: FirstDegreeThaDE

    TECH and SKRiLLEX would be tight

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