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Thread: E-40 To Release 3 Albums in 2012

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    E-40 To Release 3 Albums in 2012

    Im hella excited, plus BLH thrown in the mix?! I think so...I still think this dude should be signed to Strange being he collabs with them quite often...thoughts?

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    Never been a fan of E-40 really.... but he's earned A TON of respect from me with the way he drops so much material so often

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    hes earned my respect with being one of the first mainstream type guys to fuck with strange...and brotha lynch bak in the day...he was sik as fuck on loaded...

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    Damn i thought this series was supposed to be 2 like the Revenue Retrievens. 40 is crazy lol

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    Saw this yesterday...Being a big E-40 fan, I AM PUMPED! 3 albums on one day!? 2 albums a day per year wasn't enough? Lol....E-40 & Tech put out the most music every year & they're both 40+ years old....2 legends.

    Also cool to see Brotha Lynch on there.....Wish Tech was a feature again, and considering its 3 albums, 40 couldn't put Tech on one of em!? Oh well.....Hope these are as good as the 2 albums he dropped this year...

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    hell yea im amped my damn self....can't wait for this but I feel he should have a deal if you buy all 3 like a free shirt or something or autographed shit

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