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Thread: First Ever TRTN Survivor Game!! (Results)

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    First Ever TRTN Survivor Game!! (Results)

    Ok so this is done all the time on SL so i thought i'd bring it to this site to liven things up a bit. Basically its just a game with a list of something (albums, songs, artists, etc) and everyone votes for their least favorite from the list. Which ever one gets the most votes is out and then everyone votes again and so on until there are no more choices left. Each round will be 1-2 days depending on how many votes are received. So for our first survivor game we will see what you all think Tech's best album is. I left the EPs and Vintage Tech (since its a compliation) out but included Bad Season and Celcius. Also i will edit the thread title accordingly for when its time to vote for the next round so everyone knows.

    Everready (The Religion) is your winner!!!!!

    Thank you to everyone who participated and made this game fun. Please feel free to post any ideas you might have for future survivor games.


    14. Celcius

    13. The Worst

    12. The Calm Before The Storm

    11. The Gates Mixed Plate (Collabos)

    10. Bad Season

    9. Misery Loves Kompany (Collabos)

    8. Sickology 101 (Collabos)

    7. Killer

    6. Anghellic

    5. Welcome To Strangeland (Collabos)

    4. K.O.D.

    3. All 6's and 7's

    2. Absolute Power

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    A 6's & 7's

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    All 6's and 7's...should have been gone a long time ago.

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    All 6s & 7s

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    KOD should have been gone a long time ago

    Quote Originally Posted by James Franco

    All 6's and 7's...should have been gone a long time ago.

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    Since shit is fucked up in here I decided to bring some christmas joy from the happy holidays thread


    Quote Originally Posted by Alex M

    Dude, if you're going to keep posting gifs like this.....then keep them comin'

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler

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    Can't believe K.O.D. & All 6's & 7's made it further than Anghellic

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    Hurts to say this but, K.O.D.

    Also for the love of god..Please nobody reply to that cluster fuck of pictures. It's already on here once, and most of the pictures are on there twice, or have been posted somewhere on here anyways. Their nice, but there's no point. So let's just not let this thread go to shit by having pages upon pages of nonsense.

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