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    anybody else think it would be awesome if tech n9ne and dmx would make a song together? they have very similar histories with the whole beinf married but separated, all the women, drugs, the crazy loyal fans and that stuff they are the king of darkness and dark man x I mean how much more do you need plus I think dmx needs more people around him that are positive I mean I don't know anything about him personaly but I know that addiction is a lot harder to deal with if you are alone dmxs latest cd had the song slippin again and if that doesn't mean hes still struggling with the demons I don't know anything but shit. tech n9ne could help him and the other way around hes struggled and I would not doubt he still struggles once in a while....I just want them two to stay healthy and make a badass song or video I don't care they should hangout sometime and see what happens.

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    if his last album revealed anything is it's time the old dog got put down

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    i like turtles!

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    I would love to hear it. so I agree..

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    tech n9ne was going to do a song with dmx. until tech ruined that chance. He talked about the song to early so they didn't do it.

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