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Thread: Diss Track?

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    Diss Track?

    Came across this kids Novi Novak diss on youtube. I don't think his flow is too bad, not for a amateur free at least?

    Novi Novak Diss

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    Come on dude lol. We know this is your video, when I opened the link it said it only had 2 views. You don't "come across" a video with 1 view unless you uploaded it

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    The video isn't mine, I can't rap to save my life. I found the video by searching 'Novi Novak Diss Free' after reading a thread on here about Hopsin's beef with Novi.

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    Well than thats one hell of a coinidence lol. Anyway i did not think it was good. Idk why he's even making a diss since the "beef" had nothing to do with this kid. Also, the whole feud happened hella long ago so i dont get why he's just now making this.

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    Haha, I thought it was weird that a 0 view video came up in the first 10-15 videos for a search like that? But the beef was forever ago, so idk why the diss would need to be made now. Although in all honesty he had about one good punchline. Haha.

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    puke. that was not good. i didnt like anything about it.

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