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Thread: who do u want to hear tech work; with anyone living or dead?

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    who do u want to hear tech work; with anyone living or dead?

    i was jus thinkin about all the other music i listen to. i kno tech likes rock and rap and proly some other shit i aint up on. my fav bands are the yeah yeah yeahs, bikini kill, L7, wu-tang, talking heads, the who, jamiroquai etc. i think it'd be raw to hear him in some kind of mix with talkin heads on their song psycho killer?? ??, some shit with the yeah yeah yeahs would be sick too. and dont forget insane clown posse, cyprus hill, and boondox also. who do u think he would make a killer song with?

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    yea dude go hard

    Quote Originally Posted by jesse lewis

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    Duhhhhhhhhhhhh Jim Morrison with or without the rest of the Doors.

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    atmosphere would be a cool collab, Dmx, Keak tha Sneak. I think my top pick would be Vinnie Paz from jedi mind tricks. And i dont know why but i think that Kali would make a sick rock/rap collab with either Marilyn Manson, or Jon Davis from Korn.

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    Michael Jackson.

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    This song is put together obviously its not a real collab but i think its sick anyways

    with Michael Jackson and Tech

    Quote Originally Posted by Pongo

    Michael Jackson.

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    Ludacris and tech would be cool too.

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    Playa Fly the real king of Memphis

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